Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Lazy Days of Summer

Ever notice how there used to be a whole bunch of blogs that had new posts every day, and now, they mostly don't? I blame summer.

This morning, I got up feeling like we should do something fun. I said to The Mrs., "We're going to do something fun today."


"I don't know; it hasn't been determined yet. Maybe go to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo."

"That's a two hour drive."

"Yeah, but we have time."

"No. We'll go tomorrow."

So, "we" decided at that point not to do anything fun today. Fun will have to wait for tomorrow. I went outside to scope the yardwork, and I noticed one of our tomato plants had fallen over, despite being in a tomato cage. I picked it up and stuck the cage back in the ground, but it promptly fell over again. I also noted that another of the three plants was listing badly.

After poking around in the garage a moment, I said, "Ah ha! What is called for here is a trip to Lowe's!" MaxieC was with me, so we decided to go together. Then, upon informing The Mrs., HannahC decided to go, too.

Now, see, taking both childrens to Lowe's is usually problematic, as all they do is fight with one another the whole time. This is because M-F during work hours, they don't get any discipline whatsoever, so they get in the habit of misbehaving.

But, I decided to risk it, as if I brought The Mrs. along, she would for sure insist we stop at JoAnn Fabrics for just 90-1000 minutes, and that I watch The Childrens that whole time because she "can't shop if she has to watch The Childrens." And then she'd need to spend another $150 on house plants at Lowe's because she'll have decided she doesn't like the soil she planted the old ones in and wants to change it, but might as well change the pots and plants, too, at the same time since she's right in there anyways.

Or some close approximation of that.

I made a list of everything needed from Lowe's, mostly, which included a bunch of pvc pipe for a couple teepee's that The Mrs. is going to sew for The Childrens as a surprise. Plus, three 10' lengths of rebar, cuz nothing is better for staking up tomato cages than 5' lengths of rebar (obtained by sawing said 10' lengths in half, for those of my readers who like to follow along with their lips as they read).

Then, we piled in the winivan, which MaxieC insisted on taking so he could watch a Veggie Tales DVD the whole way. And we were off.

To Sportsman's Warehouse. Hee hee. Tricked you silly childrens.

See, yesterday Carl, Jr., made me fish at his favorite fishing spot after work, and though the only sign of fish we saw was a couple Bluegill (one of which Carl, Jr. caught) and a big carp that I spotted right before leaving, I still managed to lose my favorite lure. It was a buzzbait, and I loved it because of how you could skip it across the water in all kinds of mess and never snag it on anything.

Unless, of course, you manage to cast way out by a bunch of logs in the water and the wind gusts right then and it takes the line up over a tree branch that is 20' up and 30' to the right of you and out over the water.

Then, you can kiss your favorite lure goodbye.

Oddly, I never caught a damn thing with that lure. It's funny how things become your favorite despite being utterly useless. Take a look at your friends and family. You'll find yourself nodding in agreement.

And the fact that you religiously visit Me, CherkyB, kinda underscores my point there, doesn't it?

At any rate, I picked up five new lures: two new Cavitron buzzbaits (same kind, different colors), two Mepps Aglia with red spinners with white Van Halen stripes on them (a #1 and a #2), and a Rapala Jointed Shad Rap in black over silver. The Childrens had a great time looking at the million-billion lure they have there.

Then, we hit Lowe's, where The Childrens didn't fight all that much because they were still so excited about the new lures and the prospect of perhaps going fishing later in the day (which we did not do, as tomorrow is the day we're allowed to have fun).

Upon returning, I decided to mow the lawn, but first, I decided to check the air filter cuz My Precious has still be running a little rough even after the fuel filter change. The filter was a mess, so it was off to the newer, closer Lowe's.

I love days like that.

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