Sunday, June 07, 2009

My Creative Little Pains

So, I'm mowing the lawn yesterday, all happy cuz I'm mowing the lawn, and every time I drive by the swing set (where The Childrens are playing), I notice that there is a pungent odor of dog poop. I figure that I must have run some over, since I don't ever pick it up before mowing, and I quickly located some on my front tire. I dismiss the problem as not related to the swing set, but instead related to the fact that the only time I am driving into the wind is when I am headed at the swing set.

Yet, after a while, I realize I have started to mow into the wind in other parts of the yard, and it doesn't smell like dog poop. Just when I am downwind of the swing set. Hmmm...

After finishing the yard, I investigate.

Oh my.

The Childrens have made "compost". They have done this by taking a 20-gallon Rubbermaid container that we use as a toybox, filling the bottom 3" or so with cut grass and water, into which they have mixed all the dog poop they can find as well as all the bunny poop they can find. They have done this earlier in the week, as the grass is all festering already, though you can see large chunks of dog poop floating around on the muck.

HannahC explained that I bought composted steer manure for the garden, so composting poo must be the way to go.

There was a lot of yelling after that. I put the lid on the box.

Then, during dinner, we noticed that we could smell this thing all the way in the house. More yelling ensued. There may have been aspersions cast upon people's inate intelligence.

Happily, The Childrens were sent off to bed early that night. And thus The Mrs. and I ended up out in the back yard under the flood lights trying to shovel this mess into a garbage bag, which we then triple bagged, and then hosing out the container in a remote corner of the yard.

The stank was really quite something.


Anonymous said...

HannahC - gardener extraordinaire!

Big Sister said...

Well, they did cooperate.

ellie323 said...

such eco-friendly children.