Sunday, June 14, 2009

Well, That Sucked

Those of you who follow along my facebook account know that yesterday, we went fishing (for the first time this season) and got basically shut out. But wait, there's more to that story...

HannahC had been talking about going fishing for months now. She loves the fishing. During one of our many tornado warnings this month, I replaced the line on her spincasting reel and on MaxieC's as well. I also cleaned and lubed them. Our tornado warnings last quite a while, though we've yet to see a tornado this year near by. We've had 6 or 7 within 50 miles, but nothing really close.

Saturday morning, I started loading up the truck with fishing gear. The Mrs. and MaxieC had decided that they were going, and that means that quite a bit more gear is required. For instance, they require folding chairs, drinks, snacks, moist towelettes, and sunscreen. HannahC and I require fishing poles, a tackle box, and maybe a cooler if we think we're going to be keeping anything.

One of the troubles with going Saturday morning was that we didn't have worms nor did The Mrs. have her fishing license. So we planned a quick trip to Ace Hardware where both are available. However, The Mrs. never allows an opportunity for blackmail to pass, so she put all kinds of pre-conditions that had to be met prior to us leaving. Most involved homework or 4H project work. The end result of this was that we left our house at 11:45 and still had to go to the store for worms and a license.

Of course, there aren't any fish at all that bite from noon until 4 around here. The sun is too bright. One baby bluegill was caught by MaxieC, and that was it. So, The Mrs. vowed that we would go in the early morning today.


I knew this was going to go horribly wrong the minute The Mrs. described her plans for the night. She said that The Childrens would need to go to bed early so that they could get up early to fish, and then as soon as they went to bed, we would watch one of her godawful moovies. Well, she may not have said godawful, but when The Mrs. picks a moovie, that's about the best you can hope for.

She got HannahC to bed by 10:55pm, and then we started The Mrs.'s moovie. It was Doubt, and it was horrible. Very plodding, effectively no sub-plots whatsoever. I don't understand why anyone would think this was a decent moovie (though it gets 7.8/10 on IMDB). One of the more annoying aspects of it was the fact that it was ostensibly about a Catholic priest suspected of molesting a boy (wow - very original plot there), but it was riddled with Protestant terminology. Newsflash - Catholic churches do not have "pastors". Because of this, it made it feel like some ignorant left-wing screed against Catholicism as opposed to a drama.

Finally, this horrible thing wrapped up, but by then it was close to 1am. 1am is not when one goes to bed if one plans to go on an early morning fishing expedition.

We got fishing around 10am today. Not at all unpredictable, but a pretty lousy time to go nonetheless.

The Mrs. caught the only keeper - a 6" bluegill. I spent much of the day either baiting hooks for The Childrens or trying to catch a big catfish (or a medium carp) using first Vienna sausages and then bluegill guts at bait. MaxieC caught about 12 bluegill, the biggest being about 3". In three months, this pond will be great.

We also got to watch a pair of turtles do the nasty. For the entire time. Turtles, it seems, take their time about most everything.

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Rhonda said...

So Doubt left you doubting?