Monday, July 06, 2009

Sojourn of Suffering - Day 1

In general an uneventful day. I started out taking pictures of each state, as The Mrs. decided to do some of the driving, but after two states (Colorado and Wyoming), I ended up driving.

We hit some fog in Wyoming, which is better than the Blizzard we hit in Nebraska last year. It wasn't particularly dense fog (visibility was about 1/4 mile), but it was enough to freak out The Mrs., who has apparently never driven in fog on the highway. She developed this habit of every time she got close enough to just see the back of a vehicle in front (remember- a 1/4 mile in front) she would slam on the brakes. When I queried as to why this was, she said, "I need to slow down until I determine how far away it is."

This is why it used to be illegal for women to have drivers licenses.

Only two other things of note happened on the trip.

First, shortly after I started driving in Nebraska, I passed a little red car with Colorado plates. The ladies in the car got very excited that we also had Colorado plates, so a little later, they zoomed up next to us and started waving. So I waved back.

The Mrs., naturally, was infuriated by this. She began to berate me for, apparently, hitting on girls in another car (Visions of Christie Brinkley in a red Ferrari on National Lampoon's Vacation, I imagine). Then, an SUV passed us, and The Mrs. said, "There - why don't you wave at her, too? Oh, she's fat. I see. You don't wave at the fat ones?"


Later, The Childrens were watching Ghostbusters on the DVD (and hating it), when The Mrs. heard the voice of Bill Murray.
The Mrs.: "Childrens, that man talking right now is named Bill Murray. He is one of the best comic actors of all time."

Me, CherkyB: "Billy Murray?"

The Mrs.: "Yes. He's a genius."


paula said...

ahhhh no barfing yet so its been a good trip

Fat Moother said...

Don't worry - I'm sure somebody will barf. They aren't here yet!

Rhonda said...

the wifeofcherkyb could have been barfing 'bout the red car incident!

I would have.

CherkyB said...

The Mrs. should be used to it by now. When one marries a man as fabulously good looking at The CherkyB, one has to put up with a certain amount of fandom.

Rhonda said...

I suppose so...