Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just how old am I?

And, more to the point, why are my friends so humorless?

So, I was sitting there at Fat Camp sipping a 5 Barrel, like I do every Thursday night. It was regulars Rico, Fletcher, and Me, CherkyB, plus we had The Dudda Crowd, too, for reasons unknown to me. The musical act (a guy named Jesse Turner) did a cover of a Pink Floyd tune. I don't even remember which tune. Probably "Money". Anyways, the bar is packed with college-age kids, and they're drinking their LoneStars and PBRs and dancin' and hollerin' like a bunch of ranch hands who just got paid.

Yeah. They were dancing to a Floyd tune. Really. Never seen anything like it.

Now, being the cranky old bastard that I am, I kinda just stared as I said slowly to myself,
Me, CherkyB: (to self) "Mu&^%r f*&^er, they're dancing to Floyd. Dancing."
Then, with a tone of utter disdain, I turned to my compadres and I muttered,
Me, CherkyB: (with utter disdain) "Look at these kids, dancing to Floyd. They're so young, I bet they don't even know which one's Pink."
And my posse looked at me blankly and blinked a couple times. Then one of them said, "Pink. Yeah," and whipped out his iPhone and started surfing the web.

The depth of my humor is lost on these people.

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Rhonda said...

I know which one is Floyd. :)