Sunday, April 18, 2010

CherkyB, Historian Father

MaxieC: "Blar-dee-blar-blar gooba gooba yak yak [whatever whatever]..."

Me, CherkyB: "MaxieC, stop being such a maroon."

MaxieC: "What does that even mean, Dah? I mean, I've read all these books about stuff like that, and I just can't find what it means to be a 'maroon'."

Me, CherkyB: "Well, son, when I was your age, there was this cartoon character who was the best cartoon character of all time. He was like the Sponge Bob of his day. His name was Bugs Bunny."

MaxieC: "Oh yaaaaah! I know about Bugs Bunny. And there's that guy that's always fighting with him."

Me, CherkyB: "Elmer Fudd."

MaxieC: "Oh yaaaahh! Elmer Fudd. And there was that other guy, too, that was always trying to get him that looked like Elmer Fudd but was a different guy that was always trying to get him that wasn't Elmer Fudd."

Me, CherkyB: "Uhhh...sometimes Daffy Duck would fight with Bugs, but I don't remember another guy."

MaxieC: "Yaaaa! There was another guy, and he looked a lot like Elmer Fudd, only he wasn't Elmer Fudd, but he looked like him, and he was"

Me, CherkyB: "ANYWAYS, Bugs Bunny was really a wise guy, but he wasn't super bright. So one time, he was trying to insult someone by saying, 'What a moron,' but he said, 'What a maroon,' instead. So now, everybody my age calls people 'maroons' when they want to say 'moron' but in a funnier way. It's like a tribute to Bugs Bunny."

MaxieC: "Oh wow, Dah! That's being called a 'maroon' means! Thanks!"
Any time, son. That's what they call "parenting."

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