Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Is it just me

...or does everyone else snicker when they read the word, "proteins?"

This is apparently a new menu term.  I saw it multiple times today, and I can't remember ever seeing it before.  First was at lunch, at a local Thai restaurant, where the lunch specials came with "Your choice of Proteins chicken, beef, pork, tofu." (One doesn't expect perfect punctuation on the menu of a Thai restaurant.  In fact, I think it's actually required to include a bunch of errors in order to be "authentic."  The restaurant equivalent of "keeping it real.")

Then, when I got back to work, I read the flyer for the new, improved cafeteria menu, and the salad bar description said, "Crisp greens and hot Proteins".  And the next menu item also described Proteins.

Yeah - "Proteins" needs to be capitalized, I guess.

Still, though, whenever I read "Proteins," I think this.  It makes me not want to eat there.

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