Thursday, August 17, 2006

Everything is broken

I'll have lots of stuff to keep me busy for the next bunch of months.

The igniter for the left two burners on the cooktop doesn't work.

The igniter for the built-in grill on the patio doesn't work.

Yesterday, HannieC opened two kitchen windows, and the control rod mechanisms fell off their pins so that we couldn't close them. I was able to get them back on long enough to close them, but they are missing their little retaining ring clips.

I have 32 zones for my sprinkler, and I can't get the ones along the back fence to turn on.

But hey, at least I hooked up the DirecTV receivers yesterday and achieved television!


Gooey Cletus said...

Isn't yer house guaranteed for all that stuff to werk?

D&C said...

Hey, there is a great house back here in SJ where all that stuff works! All is well in the 'hood and your garbage cans are in the street for tomorrow's pickup.