Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I found the CD

Yes sir-ee Bob, I found the CD with the digital camera software on it. Poked through a bunch of unopened boxes in the "office" at home, and I found it in about the sixth one. Just in time, since I got my new laptop today. Unfortunately, I don't remember what box it is in. I also don't know where the digital camera is. I brought it with me, and even took a couple shots during the drive, but I haven't seen it in a week. Hmmm... Maybe it's in the tuck arm rest.

In theory, today is the day my DSL modem/router arrives via UPS. I haven't gone home yet to see if it's there. If it is, perhaps I can start to blog from home again, and you'll get the long, rambling posts you all know and love.

They're resealing my street tomorrow. I'm hoping this does not interfere with the delivery of my lawn tractor. The streets are supposed to be open by evening, which is when the deliery is. It'll be interesting to see what happens given that the street will be closed when the garbage truck comes. The Mrs. was going to call about that.

My vacuum is still in the shop. It'll be ready tomorrow.

The hot water heater is now fixed, to the tune of $200+. The old part is sitting there next to it, and it's definitely broken. The impeller of the pump is missing basically all its blades. Cheap plastic crap.

I spent a little time last night hunting yellowjackets. The house has maybe 20 big nests under the eaves, but the wasp spray doesn't shoot high enough to hit most of them. I'll have to get out the ladder. On Saturday, I soaked a big mud-dauber nest under the trampoline, but last night there was activity (albeit drastically reduced) in that nest again, so I hit it again. Yesterday, I hit a nest that was inside a bird feeder. About 15 wasps jumped out of it, but only 2 made it out of the feeder. They dropped straight to the ground and writhed around a bit. Die die die.

The Mrs. has hung up two yellowjacket traps in trees. After one day, the one by the trampoline had about 20 wasps caught in it. The other, which was hung the next day, had about 6 after a couple hours. I'm wondering if I can win this battle. As it is was before the battle began, I couldn't comfortably eat outside because of the "meat bees".

I gotta go home now.

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Anonymous said...

I want to make one correction to your post "I'm Still alive" or "I'm not dead yet" - (can't remember exact title due to sheer exhaustion). The kids went across the street for only 10 minutes! And MaxieC was marching around like he owned the place, and said he wanted to stay without me for a few minutes, so I figured it was fine. I watched from the front door the whole time. Hannah will be fine to go there to play, but it will be too hard for her to watch Max. Their house is about twice the size of ours. Unbelievable.

HannieC started gymnastics, and Max starts too, tomorrow. Hannah will have jazz/tap on Monday, and wants ice skating lessons. The rink is within walking distance. Gotta find swimming lessons and a homeschool group.

Love CO, miss C&D! You should see our sunset!!! Come visit!!!!