Sunday, August 06, 2006

A Fair Day

All things considered.

All's well that ends well, I always say.

Ok, I never say that. Mostly I say that false hope is better than no hope at all. And that's true as long as you don't question the validity of the hope.

No one bought our house today. This was the last open house for a while, and it was sparsely attended. I can't imagine why, given that there have only been 5 other open houses of this house in the last 4 weeks. Today's open house was to tout the "price reduced" status. But if you've already seen the house, I don't know why you have to re-see it if the price changes by 2.5%.

Today, I don't think we saw anybody for the last time. At least, not anybody we'd seen before. It's getting very close to the end, and the stress is really starting to build. Normally, I'm the first one to go down with anxiety, and true to form, I've been a wreck for the last 3-4 days. Maybe more. Last night, MaxieC woke me up at 4am yelling in my bed when The Mrs. angered him by telling him to go back to sleep. He screamed for a while, then I picked him up and took him back to his bed. He went right to sleep there. I'm not sure why The Mrs. is incapable of reinstalling The Childrens in their beds when they show up in our in the middle of the night, but there it is.

Then, naturally, I lay awake for an hour and a half. I started to worry if the packing crew would show up on Tuesday given that I haven't had any kind of confirmation call or email on it. I worried that having the PODS picked up on Wednesday was too soon (in the morning, The Mrs., after first belittling me because of my concern, agreed that we should have it picked up Saturday and changed the appointment). I worried that at the last minute, the bank was going to demand proof of sale on my current house to get the financing on the new house. I worried that we wouldn't get the electric and gas rolled over to our names in time to live in the new house. I worried that I was going to fall asleep while driving to Evanston, WY, on Saturday, crash my truck, and burst into flame. I worried that I wouldn't be able to fit all the stuff we planned to fit into the truck and would have to rent a trailer. I worried that since I'd never pulled a trailer before, it would slow me down, making the trip to Evanston more than 12 hours. Or, worse yet, I'd go sailing sailing over the guardrail when climbing through the Sierras on the way to Reno. Then, I worried that I was going to give myself a stroke with all the worrying.

That occupied about an hour and a half of sleep time.

The Mrs., apparently having either read my blog or having been overcome with guilt when I noted to her that she never got up first anymore, let me sleep in. She let me sleep in a total of 18 minutes, at which time HannieC started screaming at he mother downstairs, then came upstairs and woke me up. She told me she wanted to go out for breakfast because she wanted crepes, and The Mrs. claimed we did not have the fixings for crepes.

I told her she was a regular Veruca Salt and that she should go away.

You can imagine how well that went.

We ended up going out for breakfast. Then we went to the county fair, where a good time was had by all. We stayed there a might too long, and the kids went insane on the way home.

But we got to see a whole bunch of pigs.


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I have heard that a cleansing enema takes care of all your worries.

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high colonic! gwen stefani swears by them.

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