Monday, August 28, 2006

HannieC, Arteest

HannieC decided to explore her artistic side tonight by taking a bunch of photos with the digital camera. She was inspired by the sun poking through the clouds while she was talking to C&D on the phone around dinnertime.

This first picture is what she saw from our kitchen window. You may need to click on some of these pictures to get the full beauty. HannieC insisted we put them all on CherkyB (well, I talked her down to 23 pictures from the 39 she took), so I insisted she help with the captioning. She got tired before we finished.

HannieC: "I like that there are all those clouds, and suddenly there is this white spot where the sun's coming in."

HannieC: "It beautiful, and there are all these big plants."

HannieC: "I like all the design in the clouds and the colors."

HannieC: "I like that it's a closeup of me."
Me, CherkyB: She took that herself.

HannieC: "I really like all the designs in the clouds. All the shapes."

HannieC: "I really love Freddy."

HannieC: "If you go from the top, there's all these black clouds. Then suddenly when you're almost to the very bottom of the picture, there's this yellow and orange spot."

HannieC: "All this prettiness of all the picture. It's just so pretty."

HannieC: "There's just all this blue, then as you go in to the center, when you're almost to the center, there's this white circle of clouds. That's why I even took that picture."

HannieC: "There's all this clouds. Then, when you're almost to the bottom, there's orangish-white."

HannieC: "There's just this little peek of sun."

HannieC: "The white fishy is hiding from me."

HannieC: "The fish are circling around together."

HannieC: "Three fish are chatting, and one is just swimming alone."

HannieC: "The white fish and the orange fish and one head are swimming together."

HannieC: "Two whole fish, and two bottoms of fish are swimming together."


C&D said...

Great talkin' to everyone tonight. HannieC definitely took some beautiful pictures and Freddy looks pretty good too!


Absolutely Gorgeous. Good job Hannie!

ellie_30 said...

I would contend that "There's just this little peek of sun" and And "Three Fish are chatting, and one is swimming alone" could be entered into contests. I wish my pictures came out that good.

Nava said...

Wow, impressive! Really!!

And I haven't even met HannieC, so I am absolutely objective.