Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Have I Lost the Faith?

It's been a while since I spoke about my direct line to God, a thread that started here. Last night, I sat and stewed and I got to thinking. And I thought to myself, "Self, let's say for a minute that you really believed that God wanted you to move your family to FC. Something certainly not out of the realm of possibilities given the bizarre set of coincidences that lined up for the briefest of moments to allow this to happen. Now, Self, you were raised a Catholic, and the Catholics, well, they tend maybe to dwell on the suffering part of religion more than your new church does. But, one thing that is fairly clear throughout most accounts of it is that God very rarely makes following His path easy on you. The path to heaven is a bloody one. Have some faith, cowboy."

Faith, as it turns out, really benefits from having a good cellphone plan.

The packing crew showed up today, right on time. Did a great job so far. The move coordinator called me yesterday to say when they were coming, then today to see if they had arrived, and then later to get a progress report to make sure everything would be ready for the moving van on Thursday.

I did a dry run of packing my truck for the drive last night. We put everything is, and it was about half empty. So we decided to take even more stuff, given that we'll be living in an unfurnished house for up to 5 days. (Arrival of the moving van is quoted as 15th-19th, with FreddyC and Me, CherkyB getting there on the 13th and the fambily showing up on the 14th.)

We picked up some Coleman air mattresses at Target. They roll up into a tiny little pack. They're way cool, and a lot cheaper than that web site has them. We can use them if we ever decide to go camping, too.

There was a gigantic last-minute flurry of activity between the title company and the bank today because the home equity line that I'm using for short-term financing (until I can get the cash out of my SJ home) for some reason did not like the way the title insurance policy was worded and refused to sign off on it. But they reworded and got it back to them, and the paperwork got in in time for the title company to assemble it and overnight it here for tomorrow (Weds) delivery. That's prefect, cuz we can sign off, attach a check, and overnight it back in the included envelope in plenty of time for the 10am close Friday. If it had slipped one hour more, we'd have had to slip the close some, which would have slipped the carpet installers, too.

I got approved for 10 days in a hotel in FC yesterday, also. In case anything goes wrong.

Oh, and it looks like we old our house today. Got an offer yesterday, countered it today, and got acceptance at 9pm. Paperwork comes in in the morning. The way my relo works, with the particulars of this offer, assuming nothing goes awry, I should have the money in my bank account somewhere around Tuesday. I don't have to wait for the close.

The way my relo works, saying, "assuming nothing goes awry" is a lot like saying, "assuming the sun doesn't come up tomorrow."

I forgot to set aside my glasses in the "don't pack" pile. They're packed in the box with my nightstand stuff. I'm going to have to dig through there tomorrow. I can see the keyboard to type, but not the screen. I don't think I can live with just contacts for 10 days.

Assuming nothing goes awry in the next 4 days, BrainkyP is going to find himself the proud owner of a KitchenAid Superba refrigerator, assuming he can haul it the hell out of here.

Here's a funny thing: I still had 3 of the 5 bottles of liquor I needed to finish off up in the cupboard. They packed them. They also packed the bottle of red wine sitting on the bar. So, I snuck the liquor back into the pile of boxes that we packed that's in the garage. They have to repack everything - not allowed to move anything we packed - and I'm hoping they pack it right up. I may stash it in the PODS in the morning, as they haven't looked in there at all.

Still no home for the 2-cycle gas. Anyone want some 2-cycle gas? Comes with a free 2-gal gas can.


ellie said...

Does God call you cowboy? Cool!

petunia l'armour said...

See - all yer stress and anxiety was for naught. Everything is turning out OK.