Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I'm still alive

Thanks for asking.

I'm going to put up a quick post from work. I don'tlike to post from work, since I'm supposed to be working when I'm there, but I still don't have the DSL working at my house. Qwest did a major bait-and-switch on me, where they signed me up for DSL but did not set me up with any of the hardware required to use the DSL. I called yesterday and asked why my "self-install kit" included nothing but a CD, and they said, "You didn't ask for a modem. If you want one, it'll be $99 or $8/mo to rent it."

I asked the tech support guy whether my SpeedStream modem from Covad/SBC Yahoo would work, and he said, "Yes, but you'll have to figure out how to configure it yourself. We do not support configuration of anything but our own Qwest-branded DSL modems."

I plugged it in, and it connected according to the front lights, but since I didn't have either of our compooters unpacked (and I didn't want to install their software on my work compooter, since that is against the rules), I don't know if I'll get it working or not yet. The compooters get unpacked today, but probably not set up for another day or two.

The move is going swimmingly. We have no carpet in the dining room or living room because the carpet measuring guy forgot to measure those rooms and only ordered enough carpet for the rest of the house. But the carpet removal/instalation guy did not forget to remove the old carpet in that room.

Right now, the unpacking crew is at the house. They had the kitchen, master bedroom, and HannieC's bedroom unpacked as of lunch. Still have, I would say, well over half the stuff to go. Close to 2/3, if I were to guess. The great thing about the unpackers is not necessarily that they unpack, but it's that the haul away all the empty boxes and packing material. We had around 400 boxes, and our recycle bin is one of those tiny milk-crate kinda ones you get from towns that aren't really serious about recycling.

HannieC has made a new friend already. Diagonally across the street is a family with three kids (two boys and a girl), and the girl is about a year older than HannieC. They came over yesterday to visit, and then the mom took The Childrens away for a couple hours while we got some semblance of order to the house. The movers were just about done unloading, and we were trying to clear paths to the kitchen and bedrooms and such.

The Mrs. got all worried that this woman she had never met before was taking The Childrens
away to her house to play, so she tagged along for a few minutes. All was well, so she came back. Later, The Childrens missed their parents, and they came back with the neighbor girl in tow and played on the swingset and in the sandpit and on the trampoline for another hour or so.

That is all for now.


Muriel Pusbottom said...

Wow - I am surprised the Mrs. let them go with the strange lady at all. Nice to have nice people there. Glad HannieC has a new friend already.

branko said...


Nava said...

...and you call that a "quick post"?...

A bit of constructive criticism: it's time to change your location in your profile. Or are you still in denial? ;-)

D&C said...

Hey, glad to hear all is going reasonably well in FC. Nice to hear HannieC has a new friend. C was surprised the Mrs. did not perform the "complete background check" as well. I am missin' my buddy, MaxieC. No one to watch the "nu-nu" with!!!!