Thursday, August 24, 2006

Oh. There it is.

These idiots showed up at 8:30. We were the second delivery they had scheduled, and they left the shop at 5:30. I called at 7:45 to see if they were coming. The guy seemed very confused, "Uhhh...they're not there yet? They only had one delivery before you, and they rolled out of here at 5:30." He had someone call them on the cell phone and then return my call. The story was that they had just left their first dropoff and were 10 minutes away.

So, Lowe's is 2 for 4 right now. I enjoyed my buying experience, and they actually tracked down the driver and called me back. But, the first time I called Lowe's on Saturday they told me they did not sell riding lawnmowers, and then the delivery guys were idiots.

2 for 4 is a much better score than The Home Depot gets.

The problem with these idiots showing up at 8:30 is that it's too late for me to try out the mower. First off, it's already dark (though I have headlights, I'd like to make the maiden run during daylight). Secondly, MaxieC is already asleep, and his bedroom is right above the center of the garage where this bad boy is parked. Thirdly, half the neighborhood is already asleep.

So, you figure I gotta wait until tomorrow. Nope. No such luck. We have a dinner engagement at the neighbors' house tomorrow at 5:30. These are the folks over to whose house The Childrens went when the movers were here. Given that I get out of work around 5:15 best case, and it's 6 miles to home, I'm betting that leaves me not a whole lot of time to goof with the tractor.

My only hope is to sneak out of work early.

Every day I see my neighbors mowing their lawns on their lawn tractors, and I get insanely jealous. Soon that will be me. Soon. God willing.

Strange thing about that - I live in kind of a fancy-pants neighborhood compared to the old one, and everybody here mows their own lawns. This despite the lawns being close to an acre. Back in San Schmose, there were, I believe, a grand total of two people on the street who mowed their own lawns. Me, CherkyB, and D, of the famous C&D neighbors who took care of The Fambly while I drove FreddyC and the truckster out to Ft. TomCollins. (Oddly, in the comments, usually this couple is identified as D&C. A rather unpleasant medical procedure I am told.)

I wonder is the price of third-world labor higher here, or is it just a lot more fun to drive a lawn tractor than it is to mow a 2000 sq. ft. patch of lawn with a walk-behind. I'm betting the lawn tractor is fun. So much fun, people mow twice a week.

I've fallen behind, not having mowed at all in the 2 weeks we've owned the house.

While I was outside milling around looking for the Lowe's truck, I tried to photoblog some of my battle against the yellowjackets. Now, I'm not a sophisticated in my insect-blogging as The JohnnyB, so all you're getting is a couple snapshots of the yellowjacket traps. The first was hung up about 1.5 days before the second, I think.

Note how this tree came with Christmas lights already attached. A sign from God?

The Mrs. tells me that inside these traps are "meat prongs" in case you decide to go nuclear on the meat bees. You put some deli turkey on them then sit back and watch the carnage. I'd try that out this weekend, excepting every time I check these bad boys there are 4-5 alive yellowjackets inside. I'm not sure if I can install the turkey if'n there's live wasps in it. Probably have to open it up.

Maybe I'll send The Mrs. back to Ace Hardware to get a couple more traps. She's a regular there already, and the staff knows her.

I'm pretty darned sure my house in San Schmose is sold. Still need to see the money.

I went to the cupboard to get some popcorn, and came back with a Jack and diet black cherry vanilla Coke. Sheesh. I already had a beer. This is the problem with blogging from the bar. And whoever is googling "jack" from my google search bar: here - I'll give you a link to it. Hell, here's a link to Diet Black Cherry Vanilla Coke, too, since you seem to be a big bunch of idiots. I give you these out of the goodness of my heart, since I don't get paid a dime if you click on them.

The black cherry vanilla mixed with jack is a sublime drink. It goes real well with the Starburst Fruit Chews I'm munching on. I'm not sure how old they are. We found them when we packed for the move.

MaxieC had his first gymnastics class today. He did well, apparently. I'd be happier if he were taking hockey class. Or rifle class. But since I am now a very positive person due to my direct connection to God as well as to the lack of oxygen at these altitudes, I like to look on the bright side. At least The Mrs. didn't enroll him in ballet.

Oh yeah - I'm definitely sneaking out of work early. The Mrs. looked at the tractor and she said, "It's big."

But I didn't say, "Is my fly open?" I've completely lost my edge.

HannieC insisted she be the first person to sit in the seat of the tractor. She got all ready for bed, and then waited. I let her sit in it first. She needed for me to explain all the controls to her, and The Mrs. got annoyed. She didn't want HannieC to know what the controls did. Fear that she'll decide to drive it to the park, I imagine.

I should go to bed now. I have to work in the morning. Got a meeting at 8:30. Ugh.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. MaxieC in gymnastics, eh. I am with you CherkyB, hockey or maybe "are you ready for some football".

TheJohnnyB said...

Gymnastics? Did MaxieC have some horrible accident that I didn't hear about, and won't be producing any testosterone?

BC - on the hornets, don't know how much they're nests look like wasps, but you may want to check out "fake" nests. Works for wasps that are very territorial...