Friday, August 18, 2006

Still no Internet at Home

ETA is now Wednesday.

Spent some frustrating time yesterday trying to get my modem/router hardware to connect up to Qwest's DSL. No luck. I had done a little google research on it from work, and I was anticipating a less-then-50% chance of success. In particular because Qwest uses PPPoA, and none of my hardware supported that protocol. A couple people had gotten PPPoE to work, so I tried that, but no dice. The tech support guy was helpful and said he could see that my modem was connecting fine, but that I wasn't getting authenticated. Then we had a long chat about the various kinds of hardware Qwest supports and decided on a $99 2Wire modem/router/WAP. I ordered that, and it will arrive Wednesday, maybe Tuesday.

I learned last night that I have a switch in the family room that controls one of my waterfalls. The waterfall hadn't been working since the day after I moed in, and I was wondering why. On a lark, I turned on a bank of 4 switches that had not appeared to do anything before. The waterfall came on. Then I turned them off one at a time to see which one it was. Second from the left. I did not figure out what the other three did.

Tomorrow, I am hoping to buy a riding lawn mower. I'm not sure what kind or where, but I'll need one soon. Or, I could pay someone about $25/wk to mow for me.

On Tuesday, I get a new laptop. That's very exciting, excepting I got to thinking to myself.

"Self, do you have any idea where the CD that came with the digital camera is? Without that, you won't be able to get pictures from the camera onto the laptop and then onto Me, CherkyB. That'll be a problem."

So now I gotta keep my eyes open for the camera software.


stoopid said...

hmmm $25/WK to have somebody mow the lawn vs $1500 for a riding lawn mower....hmmmmm Come on - you can do it with a Toro Self propelled walking lawnmower. When I was a kid (5 couple years ago)I did KKKK-Kens 4 ACRES with a cheep sears mower.

ellie said...

and now her back hurts to much to mow the lawn!

stoopid said...

But I still mow it. Who else is gonna do it?