Sunday, October 08, 2006

Something not to Do 3

This morning, when I arrived upon the scene after showering and dressing, The Mrs. asked me if I wanted breakfast. She said it in such a manner that it was obvious she had read my note about having been waiting for a breakfast that never arrived on Saturday.
The Mrs.: Would you like breakfast so you don't have to wait around all day for it?

Me, CherkyB: Sure. I'd love breakfast.

The Mrs: Would you like me to servitude it to you?

Me, CherkyB: That would be nice. I'd like it on a plate on the table with a cup of coffee, just like a real breakfast.

The Mrs.: [harumph]
Now, at this point you may be thinking how things are going swimmingly. And you may want to inject some humor into the situation, because if there's one thing that always knocks the ladies dead, it's your sense of humor. You may be thinking to yourself, "Self, this would be a funny thing to say now."
Me, CherkyB: And I'd like for you to kneel there under the table while I eat.
It's an underappreciated fact that most married women have very poor senses of humor. Thus saying what to you may seem to be comic genius turns out to be Something not to Do.

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wife said...

Did you proof this?

CherkyB said...

8am and already criticizing? Oh, I forgot. Your blog is always perfectly proof read.

So, yes, I did proof it. I missed one little word (an extra "a" that was left over when I reworded part of a sentence).

The other problem (missing your final dialog) is a bug in the blogger WYSIWYG html composer. It does not deal with greater-than and less-than symbols correctly. It turns them into html delimiters, even if you use the official html escape code for a text greater-than or less-than sign. It translates the code into a text greater-than, which previews fine, then it translates that text greater-then into an html delimiter when you hit "post" and does not display anything from there until you hit the next less-then. So the post ends up looking different from the preview.




So...How was the breakfast?

CherkyB said...

It was OK. I had to get it myself.

Nava said...

So... apparently, JohnnyB is not the only one putting his huge foot in his mouth, Ha?