Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Something not to Do 4

Today was Halloween, and as is tradition out here at the FC site, we got to bring the kiddies in to work for a couple hours of trick-or-treating. Good lord, they got quite a haul. Had to stop halfway through to empty out the goodie bags, as they were full.

When we were most of the way done, we came upon a cube where there was a bowl of candy sitting on a chair at the entrance, which is standard practice. But here, there was a little boy, maybe 1.5 yrs old, leaning against the front of the chair. His mom was in the cube. I think it was her husband's cube. I said to MaxieC, "Hey Paco, here's some candy, but there's a kid guarding it. You're going to have to push him out of the way to get some."

I said this in a joking manner with both the child and the moms listening. Neither flinched.

MaxieC waited about five seconds, they he laid a killer open-ice hip check on the little dude and dove for the candy bowl.

Oh my goodness. I thought it was pretty funny, but neither the moms nor The Mrs. though so. I had to get a lecture about how little boys always do what daddy says to (In whose fantasy-land does that happen? "Go back to sleep MaxieC, it's only 6am." "OK, dada." Sheesh.), and how you can't joke with toddlers, and how we never joke about violence. Blah-dee-blah-blah-blah. Double-barreled lecturing from two moms.

So, joking with your son about how he should knock other kids out of the way to get at the candy during trick-or-treating, that would be Something not to Do.

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myrtle cabbageroll said...

Hehe serves you right!

Nava said...

Seems like today is just your day to get in trouble, whatever you do, isn't it?
First infringing copy rights, then getting into a very risky fire zone with the JohnnyB and His Truly, and now you're playing mafia contract with MaxieC?
Can't blame him, though. Like MaxieC, anyone standing between me and food should be ready to bear the consequences.

Anonymous said...


When the words came out, did you realize the potential danger?

Is that a requirement for "Things Not To Do" (that you realize you could suddenly be in a lot of trouble, just as you do it)?

I put my money on MaxieC.

CherkyB said...

MaxieC liberated the candy bowl quite handily. I caught the other kid before he hit the ground. To be fair, MaxieC was probably a year older than the other kid, and a year makes a big different when you're only 2.75.

Steph said...

Where are the obligatory cute pictures of the childrens in their Halloween costumes? That's the only reason I checked in.

Anonymous said...

CherkyB - even AdSense is crapping on you man? Latest ad at the top of your page was

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