Thursday, November 02, 2006

Comment blogging

Today, I had nothing cohesive to write about. Yet, I felt I needed to write something given the prolific nature of my competition over at Thoughts in the USA. However, I still really had nothing to say. So I did the next best thing. I spent a couple hours posting comments to other blogs. Not my best work, which I save for my paying customers here, but it gave me a creative outlet with very low standards. All I had to do was be better than the other commenters, which isn't all that hard if you read the quality of comments on most blogs.

This one I like to call "Mutiny on the Ellie". In fact, I'm renaming her blog that just as soon as I can crack her password. It doesn't seem to be "Exisabiga-hole" or "Ishouldhavekeptthecats323". I may have to rename the blog through the powers of persuasion. That might be tough from 2000 miles away and without any communication contact whatsoever (phone, email, YM, etc.). I have to use brain waves, and I'm not sure mine make it out of the basement even. Like, a lot of times, I'll be thinking, "Bring me a beer. Bring me a beer," and nobody brings me one. Oddly, those powers seem to work a lot better if I'm at a bar, as after usually not more than a couple minutes of concentrated thought, a waitress will appear from nowhere and ask if I want a beer.

Since tomorrow is Fat Camp, and I'll be at a bar, I'll try thinking real hard about how Ellie should rename her blog. Then I'll check back Friday. She'll probably be asleep when I'm thinking it, so she'll wake up thinking that a new blog name came to her in a dream and is thus either an epiphany or a message from God, or both given the slightly overlapping definitions. Then she'll head straight to the compooter to change the blog name, only she'll check on her eBay auctions first, and then by the time she's done with that, she'll have forgotten.

So there's really no hope that on Friday morning you'll go to see if there's finally, finally a new post on Ellie323 and discover it's now called "Mutiny on the Ellie". But you should all still check, because as I learned from the children's classic, "Two Frogs in Trouble," where there is life, there is hope.

One or more of you might have a life.

Then, after commandeering Ellie323, I had to add my two cents worth into the ongoing saga regarding JackyB and the sudden celebrity of his big-giant butt. He's even become a celebrity at work, given that I have multiple readers back at his location who all hit the site today. And then I had to leave a big-giant comment on the latest post at Thoughts just because.

After all that, I have nothing left for you.

I was thinking of posting some photos of The Childrens in their Halloween costumes, but I don't do requests. Sorry Steph.


Nava said...

"Your flu story reminds me of the time I left The Mrs. at home with the flu and went bowling (it was league night), then she had the nerve to call me in the middle of the match to have me come home and take her to the hospital. I'm sure she'll tell you all about it if you ask."

So - how does one get your wife to tell this incredible story?
Sounds like she and I share the pain of having such caring husbands.

Steph said...

So does that mean if I request pictures of the riding lawn mower we won't have to see it again?