Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Challenge, Met

Bozzetto and I have a long-running feud regarding Home Depot and Vermont Castings grills. It all started way back at Hooters, as recounted in this tale. On the way to lunch today, I axed MoodyT, who was driving, if'n we could stop at Home Depot on the way back in order to settle the feud once and for all. Bozzetto had provided some old links discussing how Home Depot had carried some crap version of my grill a number of years back, but nothing current.

The kids seemed marginally interested in this plan, and much discussion ensued about the various reasons for choosing one particular grill over another. Rico at some point asserted that having stainless steel for your grilling surface was most optimal because of some bizarre reason like his hot aunt that he's always had a thing for had stainless steel grill grates. This right after I had noted that I had ceramic-coated cast iron (which is actually called porcelainized cast iron), as Rico is one of those people who can only feel good about himself if he's running other people down.

We get along nicely.

So, after lunch at Johnny Carino's, where it was double-punch Tuesday, and where MoodyT got so tired of our company that he went and spent half the time at another table filled with a bunch of yokels we often refer to as "the Oak guys", we went to Home Depot. There was nary Vermont Castings grill in sight. Bozzetto picked up the Home Depot grill guide, and it listed every grill they sold and compared their features. They do not sell Vermont Castings. And the guide also notes that porcelainized cast iron is the best all-around grill surface.

Let's recap. I was right. Bozzetto was wrong. I was right. Rico was wrong. MoodyT just whined about how I've never invited them all over for a BBQ (having had the grill for all of 4 days, two of which were snowing), but he wasn't wrong about anything.

Bozzetto was man enough to issue a public retraction buried in the comments section of that old post where no one will ever see it. Much like the way the NY Times issues corrections to front page stories four days later buried on page 17 under the bra advertisements. I thought I might highlight it for you all, because I'm very concerned about accuracy in media.


wife said...

I like your journalistic integrity. You even spelled a word incorrectly.

Rhonda said...

I clicked on your ads.

hortense said...


Anonymous said...

Despite your robust knowledge of Home Depot offered grills, your BBQ sucks. If your BBQ takes the same amount of time as getting a crap burger at McCrap's, you're doing it wrong.

Genuine BBQ shoud take about the same amount of time as re-roofing a garage. Anything less is not BBQ.

Propane is for losers. You gotta go for the lump, baby.