Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Digging for Gold

Last night as I was trying to write the masterpiece about Bozzetto and the grill, I was sitting at my blogspot in the center seat at my bar. HannahC came wandering down and sat in the stool to my right. She was making balloon animals. She got a balloon animal kit for Easter (pump, long skinny balloons, and possibly a book (she may have already had the book - accounts differ)). She wanted to make a ladybug.

Now, as it turns out, I learned how to make a balloon ladybug on Sunday because she needed help. She knew how to do it it, but she just couldn't coordinate all the little twists that have to be kept going at the same time (seven of them) when making the legs. I was trying to help her with my right hand while blogging with my left.

We got the ladybug made, but the blog post suffered a bit. But that's Me, CherkyB, always putting the fambly first.

Right as we finished the ladybug, The Mrs. came down and sat at my left. She began monitoring my online activity to make sure I wasn't trying to pick up any strange womens over the internet, and that none were trying to pick me up. What she saw was me goofing around reading blogs and clicking on ads. I call this "unwinding". The Mrs. had another term for it. She called it "wasting time." Then, this was a real gem, she said this to me:
"What do you make, like 50 cents an hour blogging? Can't you find something to do with all your spare time that pays better? Like find a part-time job or something?"
Then she made me switch seats with HannahC so that they could make a Chunky the Caterpillar balloon animal together. What a piece of work.


elvira said...

Is she that money hungry?

ellie said...

I would hate to see what would happen if you kept all these weird thoughts bottled up, especially since you are approaching "mid-life." 50 though is the new 40. On that note, did Granny give you the update on John Justice?

Nava said...

Hey, I am sure they were just unwinding, and not wasting time at all.

That's the beauty of it.

Rhonda said...

The wife of cherkyb has got a good point. :)