Tuesday, April 03, 2007


You write one blog mentioning Karaoke, and AdSense decides to run a whole bunch of "Are you gay?" ads.


Nava said...

AdSense is always right.

Why don't you put out one of them polls, so we'll be the judges?

If I recall correctly, MoodyT will go for an enthusiastic positive "Yes".

branko said...

"straight guy" + "karaoke" = "gay"

ellie said...


CherkyB said...

I honestly have no idea what "MoodyT will go for an enthusiastic positive 'Yes'" means, but it sounds like you're besmirching MoodyT. We don't take any of that kind of shit around here. Or maybe you're insulting Me, CherkyB, and we don't take any of that shit either. So explain yourself, woman.

Nava said...

"At this point, MoodyT interjected that I had an awful lot of hangups about man vs. woman stuff, and he was starting to suspect I was probably secretly gay".

Quoted from here.