Sunday, April 29, 2007

MaxieC, Doodieman

Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny day. I rented a Barreto tiller and tilled up the garden area. We expanded the area a bit over where the previous owners had it, and it was rough-going over the turf. I decided not to rent a sod cutter to remove the sod first because I'm too lazy to make two trips to the rental place.

The childrens had a great day. They played in their purple elephant pool, which unfortunately got cracked, with the neighbor kids. This iteration of the elephant pool lasted longer than the previous one, though. We'll have to run to Toys'R'Us for another replacement. The last only a couple years then get brittle.

Later in the day, I was in the garage getting myself a well-deserved beers, and I hear screaming:
HannahC: "Daddy! Daddy! Momma needs help!"

Me, CherkyB: [after running to where HannahC was] "Where? Why?"

HannahC: "Daddy! Daddy! MaxieC is running around in the backyard naked and he's pooping and Momma can't catch him!"

Me, CherkyB: "Why does she need to catch him?"
Of course, I went to investigate nonetheless, but I didn't run. The Mrs. was carrying a giggling MaxieC in the back door of the house when I got there, and HannahC pointed me to this pastoral scene, which I have titled, "Not mine."


manly lesbian said...

Damn - thats one big ass turd for a three year old! What did he eat?

ellie said...

i wanna puke

branko said...

luka had a code brown in the bath tub over at grandmas house on Saturday. He was courteous enough to pick it up and place it on the side of the bathtub. good kid.