Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Poor Bozzetto

Our dear friend Bozzetto is suffering from an obsession. I saw this a few weeks ago with Rico, where all he could talk about at lunch for nearly a week was how much he loved guns. We had to eventually go out and get him some. Now, it has been two days in a row, and both days Bozzetto has talked about nothing other than fishing during lunch. No complaints about the PAL team. No complaints about CLL. And only one mention of a bug he was working on.

It's bizarre. It's almost like I should check his basement for pods. But, you know, I have that effect on people. I start to blog, suddenly everyone needs to blog. I chat about guns with The Iceman, and suddenly Rico needs guns. I go fishing, suddenly Bozzetto needs to fish.

I wonder what would happen if I dedicated a blog or two to discussing this research result.

BTW, I'm starting a new catchphrase. See, the old catchphrase, "It's like prom night all over again," is getting a little tired. So, I'm going to try to instead use the phrase, "I'll have the vinaigrette." Yeah, they're not interchangeable, and the new phrase is not as obviously applicable in so many situations, but I'm an artist - I'll apply the proper timing.

Yesterday, Bozzetto wanted to brag about all the fish he had caught the last time he went fishing. He claimed it was 50 (either crappie or yellow perch). But you know fish stories. I asked him what the bag limit was, and he said, "Bag limit?"

So Bozzetto is a poacher.

But he did go off and do a whole bunch of research on rods and reels and lures, and what he came away with was (a) there are no reviews of anything costing less than $150 and (b) Rapala lures really do look like swimming fish according to the flash video on their home page. Then he wanted to quiz me on whether both The Mrs. and I preferred my more expensive gear to her cheaper gear. And the answer was yes, but not by much. Which is OK cuz, yes mine cost more, but not by much.

He also is obsessed with walleye fishing cuz he once ate a walleye. But he doesn't own any fishing gear or a boat. So, if I were the wife of Bozzetto, I would expect that one day he shows up with a $35 rod/reel combo, a spool of Stren Clear/Blue Original in 10lb. test, a bunch of bait-holder hooks with leaders, a packet of swivels, some sinkers, some bobbers, a Rapala original, a spinner or two, maybe some Berkley Power Bait, and a new tackle box. The total bill will be about $100. I wouldn't try to head this off, but I would look at it as inevitable and figure out what I can get in exchange. $100 is about an hour to an hour and a half at a good day spa, for instance. The tip would just about cancel out the annual fishing license fee with habitat stamp. And I'd count my lucky stars that he didn't take up big game hunting, as that is an order of magnitude more expensive.

I'll be re-taking up the big game hunting sport in a year or two, since I've already invested in the gear. I have to wait for Alfie's wife to allow hi out again. I'll try not to blog about it, as I wouldn't want to establish any trends. Not enough big game to go around as it is.

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