Saturday, June 02, 2007

Now That's More Like It

We went fishing again today. Hannah and I decided to climb down a bank to fish in a place we hadn't before in a different part of the lake. About two minutes later, I was wrangling with this guy.

I had to send HannahC running back to get The Mrs. and the net in order to land it. I was very worried about the quality of the knots I had tied, and we were on a slope where I couldn't move around a whole bunch. It's a good thing, too, as my line actually snapped right after this picture was taken. Only has 8 lb. test on it.

I think he's a smallmouth bass, cuz that's the closest thing to what he looks like that's in the Colorado game fish identification guide. He measured in at 19 inches.

[Update: The Mrs's brother has identified the fish as a carp, and I have to agree. It didn't match the photos of a smallmouth bass properly, but looks exactly like the photos of a carp. Well, that explains why it was so stinky.]

I didn't cook him well enough on the first try, though it looks good in the photo:

Mr. Stinkyfish had to go back on the grill after we cut into him and had a couple bites. He looked cooked, but did not taste cooked.

No, not at all.

Carp is not a sushi fish.

But, in the end, Mr. Stinkyfish was gobbled up.

HannahC also caught her first two fish ever. The first one, she caught when I told her, "Go fish over there in the shadows." She caught this little dude about 5 minutes later. Another bluegill like I got last week, this one measuring in at around 5.5". We tossed it back, having decided a proper limit for bluegills is 6".

The second fish she caught was a 6" carp. We tossed it right back without even taking a picture, as The Mrs. had already declared fishing was over, so HannahC and I had been heading back to base camp. But then we saw two big carp eating bugs in the shallows and tossed a couple casts at them. They disappeared. So we kept walking back, and then we saw a little school of 4-5 fish that looked like bluegills and cast into them. Turned out she pulled out a tiny carp, not a bluegill.


Rhonda said...

A hearty congratulations!

all this fishing...who's taking care of the garden?

Rob said...

Nice bobber dude....very manly ;-)

Anonymous said...

How did it taste after it was thoroughly cooked? Cool!

Anonymous said...

Hannaie does not look too thrilled? ? Don't you have to get all the bones out of it before cooking? What do you use for bait? Was Hannie surprised that she caught one?

Anonymous said...

I couldn't sleep last night - that fish's big round yellow eyeballs were staring at me...........

Anonymous said...

The part I didn't mention, because it was already dead when we talked, is that people don't really eat bass. Those bluegill might be tasty if you can get enough of them.

Anonymous said...

Oh, ... wait. You ate a carp. ewww... yuck.

Anonymous said...

I was the nastiest, skankiest thing I ever ate. One small taste, then quietly no more for me thank you very much. I didn't say so before cuz it's CherkyB's first fish and all. We'll go for the bluegill. Thanks to the brother for the proper id. Kids liked it!