Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Cherkyluck

Ahhh, the infamous Cherkyluck. It plagued my father all through my childhood (and beyond), and now I have inherited it. What is this thing I call Cherkyluck.

It is a pox. A pox upon all mankind. Or, in particular, a pox upon me.

It's somewhat like Murphy's law, where everything that could possibly go wrong does. Only it ends with "to me".

On a lighter note, our hot tub was delivered Monday. The electrician hooked it up Tuesday. Then promptly failed electrical code inspection. So he hooked it up again today, only with large gauge wire. Code inspection is tomorrow, so keep your finger's crossed.

I decided to fill it up tonight, given that it takes a while to fill and get the chemicals just right before you can use it, and I have my parents flying in tomorrow evening for a visit, so I won't be able to fuss with it tomorrow.

About an hour after starting the filling, I looked out the window and noted water seemed to be running out from under the hot tub. Hmmm. I had been reading the manual, and it said to make sure that all the fittings were tight and had not loosened up in shipment before filling it, and I had not done that cuz the guy who delivered it and gave me start up instructions had not told me to. And I didn't read the directions before beginning the filling.

Well, just my luck that a fitting would have come loose.

So I open up the front panel and look. Hmmmm.

I get a flashlight and look some more.

This is very interesting. There is water pouring out of an area that does not appear to be near any kind of fitting. But perhaps it is just traveling along the hose from a fitting higher up that I can't see.

So I open up the side where I saw the leak. A very large hose is nicely sawed up with a beautiful semi-circular saw gash right exactly behind where the hole was cut in the side for the drain pipe. Oddly, the radius of the gash in the hose matches exactly that of the circular hole cut for the drain pipe.

Imagine that.


Rhonda said...

It couldn't be the plug.
Oh no.
It's at Cherkyb's house.
Shouldn't the wife of Cherkyb off set some of this bad luck?

wife said...

It's pipe behind the plug. I live an enchanted life, and do offset quite a bit of the CherkyLuck. Most of the little, mundane things that used to happen have stopped, and now it's just the big stuff every now and then. Much easier to deal with. And usually quite funny too boot (to me). CherkyB asked "Why Why?" My reply was "Because of course!" Poor CherkyB.

Manly Lesbian said...

Methinks yer house is cursed.

wife said...

No it's cux the Cherks are due to arrive tonight. We've figured it out. The hot tub guy will be here in 2 hours. I accidentally flushed a toothbrush down the toilet. Good thing there's a master plumber here all day. He's gonna put an auger in there to see if he can pull it out or if it went through.

wife said...

Toothbrush is out - took about 10 seconds.

CherkyB said...

All in a day's work.

fat moother said...

Your Master plumber sure seems to have a lot of leaks when he is done with his work, no? Also, you are not supposed to brush yer teeth in the toilet. Just cause some of yer weird relatives used to do that is no reason for u to do it...........

wife said...

The hot tub is fixed. It wasn't the master plumber's fault. He never even touched it. It was the factory's fault. The guy who fixed it looked me in the eye and said, "Idiots!" Very funny.


Jeani said...

Just thought I would let you know that I thought of you last week when I was in the hospital.
I was out of ICU and in a regular room and they were going to teach me to hall walk. I had my little hosp gown on and started to laugh, when I rem-
I see London
I see Iraq!!!!!
Thanks for the smile!!!

Nava said...

Life's full of mystery!