Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Genius Squandered

Manly Lesbian asked for a picture of me in my fireman jacket over at Weather or Not, and I got to thinking how I was pretty sure I already had a picture of me in it up on this blog. So I spent some time this afternoon while dialed in to a boring meeting surfing through the archives. I didn't find any picture of me in the fireman jacket, but I did rediscover something:

My blog used to be interesting.

I think it's because in non-summer times, I get remarkably depressed, and all creativity is derived from pain. Or it could just be that I'm in a slump. The Mrs., as if sensing this revelation, did her part by laying in to me for no reason at all the minute I walked in the door. Something about not helping her enough because I didn't read her mind and figure out that she couldn't walk four dinner plates six feet from the kitchen counter to the kitchen table by herself. When I claimed she should ask me for help if she needed it, she asserted she had asked for help by saying, "How may I serve by getting you a drink?"

Then we got into a rather animated argument where I claimed, "Asking me 'how may I servitude you?' is not the same as asking for help," and she "won" this argument by saying, "I didn't say 'servitude', I said 'serve' and that 'serve you' is synonymous with 'help me'. Duh."

Then The Childrens intervened, which in itself was quite funny given that The Childrens are generally the source of such inane blather right around dinner time.

On other notes, we received our first HOA notification of non-compliance today. Something about storing "garbage, trash, or junk next to the house." I think they're talking about the junk from when I took down the old retaining wall on the trampoline pit, but that got hauled away to the dump about 4 weeks ago. If it's not that, then I'm going to need a clarification. We have until the 31st to comply. You'd think in the age of digital photos, they could attach a snapshot of what they're complaining about.

I hate HOAs.


Rhonda said...

I just can't picture what there bitch about with you is?
That's just stupid insane.
Put it in someone else's mailbox.

Nava said...

Ah, the language of women is subtle and mystic. Took me a very short time, though, to realize that men do not get the poetic subtleties we so wittily try to inject to our conversations.

What is HOA?

Manly Lesbian said...

HOA's? Does yer wife know you are talking to HOA's? I thought your neighborhood was more upscale than to have HOA'S...........

P.S. Wherz the pics???

blogauthor said...

I hate HOAs too. They told us that our handicapped ramp violated architectural standards of the neighborhood. Uhhhh, f*** off. And that is precisely what I told them. I haven't heard from them since. Power corrupts.