Tuesday, August 28, 2007

An uneventful day 2

I secretly gave up coffee a few days ago. Oddly, the world has not stopped turning. Though I have been especially cranky at work.

Today, I heard from a fellow that used to work for The Company but left shortly after I transferred to Fort TomCollins. He said the following:
"PS In your blog, I think there is an inverse correlation between the length of the post and the level of humor it contains. But I will say that your writing style makes the longer posts a bit more bearable than I would've expected."
Perceptive little bugger, eh? It's touching that he reads the old blog given that we've actually only ever met once or twice, mostly over a particular bit of nastiness called "sleep transistors" that we're all trying to forget.

I need to issue a correction for yesterday's post. I said I needed to fast for 24 hours, but The Mrs. questioned that. So I dug out the letter and checked again - sure enough, only 10 hours of fasting.

I have nothing at all of any interest to say today. I suppose I should drone on and on about that, but without my muse, I can't even do that. Maybe I'll go put an extra-boring post on Weather or Not, since that's where I keep the stuff that isn't anywhere near interesting enough for Me, CherkyB.

Remember those words of wisdom: never blog sober.


Rhonda said...

Gave up coffee?
That would probably do me in.

Good Luck.
but why?

CherkyB said...

Well, see I have this thing where I can hear my heartbeat all the time. If I drink too much caffeine, it gets a lot louder and not only annoys me, but it keeps The Mrs. up at night, too.

If I make it to 50, I'll be shocked.

blogauthor said...

"I have nothing at all of any interest to say today" .. I have heard this somewhere before ....

blogauthor said...

Oh yeah, also, did you give up coffee because of the caffeine or some other reason? I keep meaning to give up coffee.