Wednesday, April 23, 2008

And a-one and a-two

Strange things keep happening to me this week. Yesterday, as my boss was going home, she said something morose about how I should try to have a good evening despite it all, and I gave her a pep talk.

Yes, you heard me right. I gave her a pep talk. Though, you know, I'm no JFK. So my pep talk started out with, "Any day where things aren't worse when I go home than they were when I got here, I view as a success." Though then I listed like two or three things that were actually better than they were in the morning. Not a lot better, and not huge things, but at least there was a modicum of forward progress yesterday.

And the way things have been going lately, that is practically cause for celebration.

And then today, my boss's boss said I did a good job on something. I have worked for her or for someone who worked for her for probably 9 months now, and I think this is the first time she has said I did a good job on something. I was shocked.


Fat Moother said...

Thanks for dinner! prvtd

Rhonda said...

I think she may think you don't need praise.
You are a strong and self confident individual.
Full of self esteem and it would be like,
tell me something I already didn't know...


ellie said...

Must be the free diet mt. dew.