Monday, April 14, 2008

To Be Drunk on Premises

Today, I happened to find myself sitting in an alcohol-serving establishment. Don't ask why. These things just happen from time to time.

As I was sitting there "contemplating" my 25oz. beer, I happened to notice the liquor license hanging on the wall. It went something like this:

License of Common OldeEnglishWordForSellingAlcohol

This license grants the above establishment the right to
purchase, display, sell, and serve
all manner of beverages containing alcohol
to be drunk on premises.

And I thought, "Cool. We're licensed to be drunk on premises."


Anonymous said...

This reminds me of when I first started going to A.A. meetings and they said, "Don't drink and go to a meeting." I thought they meant, "Don't drink and then show up at a meeting (they were on to me)." It was quite some time before I realized they meant "don't drink, and go to a meeting!"

Anonymous said...

What meeting? It's not in my calendar.

ellie said...

Very funny that your google ad sense was for drug pee tests.

blogauthor said...

You need Offspring's grammar gun.

Reminds me of those things where they call it "A Benefit for Child Abuse" or "Run for Breast Cancer". That always makes me crazy.