Monday, September 29, 2008

Doesn't that just beat all?

If you figure out what, let me know. All I know is rock beats scissors, and scissors beat paper, but paper beats rock.

And don't say "the shocker" you bunch of perverts. It is so hard having a conversation with you people. Right to the gutter, do not pass go, do not collect $200. Sheesh.

Martinis really lose something when served in an on-the-rocks glass. I don't know why.

The pressure washer I picked out yesterday got terrible reviews. As did all the alternative models at the same price point. One of the ones up $100 did pretty well. Perhaps I'll hold on for a while, though. I've lost all my money in the last couple weeks. Poor kids. Looks like state school for them.

Saw another National Lampoon moovie last night - Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj. It was no Beerfest, but it had its moments. Exactly two of them. I'd say skip it. It was a really lame sequel that starred exactly one person from the original, and he kept making forced references to the first one in order to try to establish relevancy. You should just see Van Wilder twice.

But honestly, I couldn't take any more of those dreadful Helena Bonham-Carter period pieces that The Mrs. has been getting. Someone shoot me, please. Conversations with Other Women? Please, yes. Bring on other women. What? You mean a whole moovie with the same woman? How is that other women?

I guess I have a different definition of "other women". One that means "more women than just your ex-wife."

I think we may be trending towards this guy, though by no means am I comfortable with an engine made by Subaru. They make lesbian crap.

Some times I think back at how I was able to bang out a blarg every night. I wonder if my standards were lower then. Hard to imagine.

How are you all doing?


ellie said...

We watched Ball of Fury. I ended up falling asleep.

CherkyB said...

I guess that beats barfing.

manly lesbian said...

Yeah Subaru is crap - the next time I should get a Kia! gpgrgp

blogauthor said...

I thought you stocked up on liquor.

Fat moother said...

Get that pressure washer and you can bathe the kids with it so the Mrs will never have to clean the tub or shower again! fggupg