Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lazy Daze of Blogging

Today, I am filled with too much anger to actually write many words. So, instead, I treat you to a photoblog.

You all remember the rock garden project? Here's a picture I posted right after the planting completed:

Here is what it looks like now, after just short of four months of growth:

Only two plants didn't make it, and if we dig them up and return them to the nursery, they'll give us new ones.

Now it's fishy time. This is the back pond:

Whitey and Charles in the front pond. Whitey is the white one. Racists.

And the school room that I threatened to make The Mrs. paint by herself but that I ended up mostly painting (despite her help). Those are the curtains she sewed with HannahC's sewing machine. I suspect that "Santa" brought the sewing machine to the wrong person last Christmas.

The Childrens pose on our non-prize-winning pumpkins. These things actually grew out of seeds from the ones we grew last year that didn't ripen in time for Halloween and just got mashed up in the garden.

A statue I like to call "Happiness is..."

MaxieC cleaned the driveway after I got the mulch for the pine tree project. He learned to clean from his mother, obviously.

If only we had a pressure washer. The kind that Paula's husband would recommend if he had any way to actually recommend something to me.


paula said...

LOL cherky id be glad to relay any questions and or answers- hubby just yelled to me tell him karcher from lowes and or anything honda makes is the best for home use, make sure you get one where the pump is mounted horizontal(not underneath the engine) he just yelled to me again lowes has the karcher2500-3000 psi is best

CherkyB said...

Yeah, but Karcher only makes electric, and I need gas! Plus, owing to the fact that I have gift cards for Sears and for Home Depot, I can't shop at Lowe's. It has to be a Rigid or a Craftsman.

blogauthor said...

This is just too frickin' weird.

I didn't see this post before I wrote mine.


Fat moother said...

Uh - what happened to the statue? Can u fix it?

RIO said...

LOL @ headless child statue...

It's both disturbing and profound. No doubt it's a message from the cosmos telling you to apply a breast to your ailing eye.