Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ramble on

Today was a day of great excitement and yet mundanity.

It was a day in which I got absolutely faaabulous news at work and yet found myself noplussed.

It was a time for a large, dry martini, yet with olives.

In short, it was a day like any other day, yet like no other day.

A day in which my blogpost would suck.

Well, with that out of the way, I can get straight on to the crap. Today I did not go to the grocery store. In fact, I did not go to any store. The only place I went was to lunch at a sandwich shop where I am getting pretty sick of the sandwiches. But, they have punch cards where after you buy five, you get one free, and I got one free. I opted for the 8" Steak Grinder.

Yes, I realize that that sandwich makes most of you think about prom night all over again. But I'm going to let that slide without even trying to make a joke about it. It is, after all, that kind of night.

They don't have sausage, after all, so it's kind of a stretch.

The Mrs. and HannahC just showed up in their bathing suits, heading to the hot tub. I guess that's your loss, as I won't have time to complete my masterpiece tonight.

Oh well. Too bad for you. Last night's masterpiece only made 89 cents, so I'm kind of in a mood where I don't really care to try too hard.

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