Friday, September 05, 2008


Pleased to meet you. I'm Art Vandelay, power architect.

Yesterday, my darling son and I spent quite some time watching Nanny 911. He really enjoyed it. It may have been the heady thrill of being behind enemy lines. Or, he may have missed the point. This morning, he asked me, "How did they get those kids to be so bad for the TV?"

This weekend, I plan to move two sprinkler heads out from behind trees (maybe16 feet of trenching will be involved), rip out the sod amongst the trees, put down landscape fabric, and then cover it with mulch. I expect almost none of this will happen, though, as we'll burn almost all the day in Snoraura at a gymnastics meet with HannahC.

Today, I nominated Cavitation at Apostrophe Abuse for this post. He probably won't make the cut, given his pretty darned low statcounter count. Poor kid. I tried to call him at work today to make sure he was doing the right thing (i.e., what I wanted), but he was already gone.

I don't get the Obama thing. I really don't. When, at 3am, the red phone rings, is it OK to just vote present? It's remarkably puzzling to me that other people who are seemingly intelligent can be so swept up in the emotion of the moment and so fervently project their own fantasies upon such a blank slate. But then again, I'm largely a single-issue voter, and that issue has nothing to do with whether Euro-trash socialist namby-pamby wussies think I'm an OK guy. So that pretty much by itself disqualifies me from understanding the Obamania.

I never understood Beatlemania, either.

Or Breasts not Bombs [nsfw], for that matter, which on the surface sounds like such a good idea, but in the end turns out to be kinda, uh, not as well executed as you might have hope for.

So I have now made it through two political conventions without having watched any of either on TV. With those plus the Olympics, which I also did not watch, behind me, I'm wondering if there's anything I can't miss on TV. I guess I'm lucky Hurl! isn't on every day.

Well, not unless we have company.


Cosmo said...

Hey Art- I head you bought John Voight's car? How is that going for you?

Anonymous said...

The he-she looks like Dale!

Barfing Ted said...

A lot of people do seem to barf at your house.

blogauthor said...

"When, at 3am, the red phone rings, is it OK to just vote present? "

I never, ever, EVER thought I'd say this, but you sound kinda like Hillary. This, by the way, is why I was a Hillary supporter originally.

CherkyB said...

Hillary would have been a much stronger candidate.