Monday, September 15, 2008

Sports Highlights by The Mrs.

Continuing the lazy photoblogging trend of yesterday, I'm going to do a little sports highlights reel today that covers the goings-on over the last couple weeks. All of these photos were taken by The Mrs., which you'll be able to tell pretty quickly once we get into it.

Remember this post? Well, here's a picture of HannahC working up an appetite at the Windsor Harvest Festival about 15 minutes before the barfing incident.

HannahC had her very first real gymnastics competition about a week ago. We spent most of Saturday in a hot gym watching her compete. She came in nearly dead last (but, hey, it was her first competition, and she had just moved up a difficulty level so was competing against more experienced girls). Here is a photo of the team awards ceremony. The Mrs. took four photos, and this is the best one.

The Mrs. has not yet learned that when she stuffs this camera into her purse or the backpack that the little knob on the side that selects between auto and manual mode may get turned, and if it gets turned, then who knows what the manual setting will do to the photo. She has also never mastered turning it back to auto, even when she knows something is wrong.

This past Saturday, MaxieC had his first ever ice skating lesson. Here he is all excited and ready to get out on the ice:

And here is the best photo that The Mrs. captured of him out on the ice:


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Wayne Gretzky watch out!!!

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You have really cute kids. Thank goodness for the genes of ML and the Mrs.!