Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Well folks

We got us a horse race.

But enough about political blogging. Today, the guy in the cube adjacent from mine talked me out of buying a bass boat. Instead, he said, "You should take that money and hire a maid."

But enough about immigration reform.

In an effort to protect my bass boat dreams, today I vacuumed the ledge thingies in the master bedroom. I'm not really sure how exactly to describe them, but I can't find the digital camera, so a description you will get.

Imagine that you had a bedroom that was styled kinda Santa Fe, only, of course, it was indoors. We have vaulted ceilings, but then little things like the walk-in closet and master shower are framed as boxes with a normal-height ceilings below the vaulted ceiling. So they literally form boxes placed at the sides of the room, and the top of the box (at about 9'6" above the floor) collects quite a bit of dust. Plus, there is a "beam" that divides the sleeping area from the bath/shower/toilet/dressing area that is nothing more than a big rectangle running through space from over the fireplace to the top of the closet, and then, for effect, along the wall around the corner and over the sinks.

I don't believe I have ever cleaned the tops of all this stuff. There were spots where the dust was 1/4" thick, but in most places, it was more like 1/8". I had to get a ladder to reach it. It took me over an hour to get it, plus the area under the gas fireplace, all cleaned up.

As I was cleaning under the gas fireplace, I had to lie on my back on the "deck" around the tub. It turns out I accidentally bumped the cold faucet and turned on a trickle of water. There were towels draped over the edge of the tub from MaxieC's shower earlier, and they got a bit wet.

Naturally, when The Mrs. came in, all she did was complain. "Hey. How come my nice clean towels are all dirty?"

"They're not dirty, they're just wet."

"But I just cleaned these towels!"

"They got wet, not dirty. They're towels. Towels get wet. Then they dry."

"But I just cleaned them, and now it was a complete waste of time, cuz they're all messed up!"

Then I said some things which I'm not going to repeat here. But, suffice it to say that the reason I cleaned the ledge thingies was because The Mrs. has been having some asthma problems, and I know she is deathly allergic to dust mites, and to the best of my knowledge, she is not in any way shape or form allergic to damp towels.

I also did the dishes. This, to save The Mrs. from having to throw one of her precious towels over them.

Did you see that? With one sentence, I managed to take a shot at both The Mrs. and Blogauthor. God, I'm good.

I should go into politics.


ellie said...

Granny would always get upset about the towels getting messed up in the bathroom, as is they are something to display rather than use. Makes you wonder how much certain people wash their hands. . .

wife said...

Thank you for cleaning the dust. I haven't coughed at all yet this morning, and I slept through the night.

Fat Moother said...

Also - if you have ceiling fans, make sure to get the dust off the blades...

blogauthor said...

I think you should find the camera, I cannot figure out what these ledgies things are because I don't know what "santa fe" style is. What are you, an interior designer?!?

See, I managed to take a shot back. *hehehehe*