Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Well, Folks

Remember how I promised to start blogging in a way that doesn't suck soon?

Your wait is not over.


I'm just going to give you a horrible mishmash of ideas that come to me as I type.

First off, I got really pissy today in a phone meeting at work. I felt bad about it, and right in the middle of my rant, I said, "I'm sorry. I don't mean to be pissy at you, cuz this isn't your fault," cuz it wasn't. But it was the fault of a couple other people in the room who have been sitting on their thumbs for nearly a year now on something, and suddenly it has been "discovered" and is a crisis.

Then, I had to send a follow-up email in which I included another apology. Misdirected anger is unprofessional.

Then I apologized to the meeting chair via an IM in which I explained how people underestimate my capacity for petty and vindictive behavior. Which is odd, because you'd think by now, they'd have a good gauge of that. I'm hoping to have this worked out of my system in another month or two. No promises, though.

Today, I called my wife from work, and MaxieC answered. He asked me who I was. I felt kinda hurt that he didn't recognize my voice. Then, he handed the phone to The Mrs. and said, "It's your husband."

Yesterday, I had to go break up an argument between The Mrs. and HannahC. Poor HannahC. Only eight, and already having her teenage conflict with her mother. After The Mrs. left the room, I had to chat with HannahC about responsibility and doing what she's told, and she said, "Wait! You're taking her side now? I thought you were on my side!"

I think that $700 billion is a lot to just give up to bail out people who made a big bet and lost. I'm most upset that I seem to be in agreement with Chuck Schumer on this. I've lost $100k on the value of my house since I bought it two years ago, despite dropping almost $100k more on repairs and upgrades. But I have to just suck it up and keep working at a job where they appreciate neither me nor my genius.

Speaking of which, I am starting to get really offended at not being considered a "working man". I mean, WTF? I go to work every day. I work long hours. I stay up at night trying to solve difficult problems. How does this somehow make me less respectable than if I was some guy doing manual labor? And why is it that I should have to support that guy through a big tax raise so that he can have a big tax cut?

Oh, and your momma.


Rob said...

down $200K in your should have bought the speedboat!

The Optimist said...

Cheer up - things can only get worse!

ellie said...

Oh, I think they appreciate your genius.

blogauthor said...

You're not a working man. You're a talk on the phone and look at a computer man. That's what my son says about me - I don't have a job, I just talk on the phone alot. Sigh.

RIO said...

"It's your husband"....LOL