Thursday, March 26, 2009

And birdy makes 10

Today, I worked from home all day because we had a blizzard warning. Plus, it was actually blizzarding when I got up.

When The Mrs. went out to get the newspaper (which somehow she found under the snow), she noticed that a robin had taken refuge from the storm in the corner of our front porch. So she took out a box and a dog food bowl full of birdseed.

Of course, everyone knows robins don't eat birdseed. Everyone except The Mrs.

Later in the afternoon, there was a lull in the snow, so I got out My Beloved to plow the driveway. That went quite eventfully, with me breaking the shear bolt when I picked up a landscape rock, then with the snow freezing solid in the chute while I changed the shear bolt, then me finally getting back up and running and promptly running out of gas. The robin got quite scared of the engine noise from My Precious, and it came out to look at me, then it flew away.

As it turns out, flying away was a clever ruse. When I wasn't looking, it snuck back and took up residence in our garage. I opened up the doors and tried to shoosh it out, but it has decided it is much happier in the garage than out in the blizzard, thank you very much.

So, now "Buddy" will be spending the night. Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be better, so perhaps I'll be allowed to drive this squatter off.


Manly Lesbian said...

And why don't robins eat bird seed? I didn't know that.

gordy said...

they eat worms, does Hannah have any mealworms she can give him? Canned dog food would also be a good alternative, it has the right amount of fat and protein for birdies. If you don't have canned you can soak some dry dog food.

ellie said...

I have robins outside my window but they don't come to my birdfeeder. Now I know why.

National Enquirer said...

But why are they different from other birds? Why Why Why?????