Wednesday, March 11, 2009

If I were a dog...

I'd be licking myself.

Tomorrow is the big 4-H meeting in which the team votes on if they adopt my design for one of these, or if they go with one of the none other designs. I'm not sure why anyone would reject a custom design by the world's foremost expert on both in-ground trampoline design and Bercomac snowblowers, but it's possible that they guy who apparently volunteered to build the whole thing on his own (and then was never heard from again) might come swooping in with a competing design that would be better, because my design is made to be as cheap as possible without being dangerous.

I tried to avoid being involved with the 4-H building project, as I have this tendency to, well, curse a lot in front of children. Plus, I am embarrassed not to own a table saw (though the story of how I destroyed the table saw I used to own still brings a chuckle). But The Mrs. volunteered our house for the place to hold the construction, decoration, and prize committee meetings, and then she volunteered me to "sit in" on the construction committee.

And that's like volunteering a dog to sit in on a meeting of the steak-eating committee. On March 14th.

The problem in all of this, though, is that the club votes on the design Thursday night, then we're supposed to construct their design Saturday. Except Saturday HannahC and I are at Odyssey of the Mind until 2:30. So we'll have like 4 hours to construct the whole thing, including dealing with a bunch of children and power tools. So I dunno when the construction materials get purchased. I guess Friday night.

I imagine that it will be all very whirlwind and stressful. And that'll probably lead to cursing.

I probably shouldn't be involved.


Manly Lesbian said...

You can do it SOOOOO well

paula said...

So..... Im guessing there wont be any pole dancing going on, just alot of pole cursing

Anonymous said...

Try this card.

Rhonda said...

I like the post title.