Friday, March 13, 2009

Today is Friday

And there are no towels in The Childrens' bathroom.

Well, OK, now there are cuz I put some there.

The 4-H club decided to go with my design for these because of the lack of any alternative designs presented. Then, they allocated me 150% of my proposed budget. Then, they stipulated that the decoration committee's budget would come out of the construction committee's budget, so I won't be able to get the gold-plated fasteners after all.

So in order to do my part to stimulate the economy, I went to the local Harbor Freight junk-tool store and got me one of these. It's got a roller and a bump stop. Perfect for this project. Would also have been perfect for the in-ground trampoline project, but what can you do? I noticed that little disclaimer under the price on the website that said, "Prices on our website may or may not be current prices in our stores," so I expected to pay more. Imagine my surprise that this happened to be on sale for $20 off. W00t!

I almost bought me this thingee, too, cuz it would be remarkably helpful for hauling lumber. It was $39.99 in the store ($5 more than the web). I was worried that it wasn't depth adjustable, and as a 3 foot extension, it would make my bed effectively 8' 4", which is 4" longer than anything I want to haul, thus making the stuff not reach the bed extender and rendering it without value.

The build is now tomorrow at 7pm at our place. An odd turn of events given that I wasn't supposed to be involved in the construction committee at all, but that I was just going to sit in on one of the committee meetings to see if I could add any value. The CherkyB, however, has a natural tendency to take stuff over.

I borrowed a couple hand-held orbital sanders from Rico for the build, so I'll have three orbitals and a belt sander. That should keep the 4-H childrens busy, since we've decided small children shouldn't be running the miter saw or circular saw. There will also be some drilling that the kids can do, as well as some socket-wrench work on the lag screws. It'll end up taking 4 hours, so we'll have to get together again on Sunday I imagine. The Mrs. has suggested I do all the sawing before the build crew arrives, but that defeats the purpose. We're supposed to be teaching them how to build stuff as part of their 4-H work. I think it's the "Hands" H, as well as the "learn by doing" motto.

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