Wednesday, May 27, 2009

There was a time

..that such a thing would have surprised me. But today is not such a day.

We've attempted to attempted to begin planning our cross-country venture to Ellie's wedding, but progress has been halting. However, a great breakthrough occurred today - we figured out what to do with the dog.

Last year, we took him along (as we did the rat), but that was in May. This year, it'll be in July, and it will be way too hot to leave him in the car while we eat meals. So we needed to find somewhere for him to stay. My friend Rico said he'd take him, but then decided that he was going to be out of town during that time. The Mrs. decided to check out a pet sitter she had met in a parking lot. Turns out she lives kinda far from us, but she said she could keep FreddyC at her house if'n he could get along with her 4 dogs.

He had his trial meeting today, and he got along quite nicely. So that's taken care of (at the cost of $30/day). The Mrs. has also found a home for CinnamonC and FluffyC, the guinea pigs. She's working on a home for JackieC (the rat) and LexieC (the toad).

Next step is to start mapping out hotels. Our biggest hurdle here is to decide if we want to stay together or not. This being a humor blog, you probably assume I'm joking about that, but I'm not. There are a lot of political considerations that need to be taken into account on the fambly visits. Kids, if you do for some crazy reason decide to get married, don't ever marry someone from your hometown if you plan to some day move away from that hometown. It complicates things greatly.

I really wanna go shoot my new shotgun. That's the trouble with new guns if you live in suburbia.


paula said...

ahhhhh but if you lived in Texas suburbia it would be perfectly acceptable ( haha)

Anonymous said...

Or if you lived on the side of a mountain in NC. In the summer you can't see the neighbors, so you have to shoot from the deck to the side of the hill next to the house about 100 yds and down hill.

Fat Moother said...

You should all stay in the hotel until AFTER the wedding. Then you can decide from there...