Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I didn't think they'd breed.

Another gem of a quote from The Mrs. when, after finding little baby Giant Madagascar cockroaches dead around the cockroach tank (note - outside the tank), and wondering if they could possibly live in the walls, I inquired as to why she let HannahC get a male and a female cockroach.

"I didn't think they'd breed."

Cockroaches. Didn't think they'd breed.

Yeah. And we'll pay for Obamacare by cutting unspecified waste and corruption out of Medicare sometime in the unspecified future without having to raise taxes on anyone.

It's amazing how people can delude themselves. Or perhaps how well they can flat out lie to your face in order to avoid explaining gross lapses in judgment.

Not that I am accusing The Mrs. of lying. However, at the time she originally came home with the cockroaches, she did happen to tell me that HannahC was planning to breed them so she could sell the babies. Apparently, this was HannahC's plan, but The Mrs. didn't think that the cockroaches would breed if kept in captivity. You know, in a glass tank with an electric heater to keep it nice and warm and with a continuous supply of food and water that requires no effort whatsoever to find. Cuz, you know, if there's one drawback to cockroaches that everyone always notes, it's that they are very hard to get to breed. That's why they're on the endangered species list. They're like little, creepy panda bears. Only cuddlier.

Well, today The Mrs. schlepped The Childrens back to CSU, where HannahC exchanged Hallie (who she believes is incubating another little of eggs right now, given the swelling of her abdomen that matches the swelling that occurred shortly before all these baby cockroaches showed up) for Henry. She also turned over all the babies.

When asked why, she apparently said that she didn't want baby cockroaches all the time, to which the kindly old professor replied, "You know, if you get a male and a female, they're going to breed."

And, no, they can't live in your walls in Colorado. It's too dry and too cold (in the winter and in the summer if you have A/C or keep them in the basement (and we do both)).


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You can always let a bunch loose in the living room of somebody you really don't like.

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La cucaracha, la cucaracha
Ya no puede caminar....
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i wanna puke. crunch!