Wednesday, November 14, 2018

CherkyB Reads CherkyB: The Saga of the Handbell Tree

I've gotta tell you, I kind of enjoy figuring out how to do dumb things with a video editor.  Which gave me the inspiration for my latest recurring feature: CherkyB Reads CherkyB. That, and it's not clear to me that people get the full effect of my written word if they don't know me well enough to picture me telling the story.  This way, it's almost like you're sitting at happy hour with me, and you've said some innocuous thing like, "So, how was your weekend?" and then you sit back and marvel.

Plus, Tuesdays are one of my healthy days, so I don't drink, so I couldn't write a blog.  No rule says I can't vlog sober, though.

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