Saturday, June 17, 2006

Check the driveway for pods

PODS is pretty cool. They are built on 2x4's, so they don't scratch the living heck out of your fancy driveway when they set it down like the metal storage shed guys do. We got the 16' model, cuz it was on sale for only $20 more than the 12'. After piling stuff in there much of the afternoon and evening, I'm going to say we really only needed about an 8'. 12' is the shortest they have, though.

We're just packing some stuff off to storage while we sell the house. We'll have the PODS guys bring it back as soon as we get an offer. Because of the fancy-schmancy relocation package my company has, I actually sell my house to my company as soon as I get an offer, then they sell it to the buyer.

Here's a little photo I like to call, "My Son is Two."

Now, imagine this isn't the only set of shelves in the house...

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