Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Quick Hitters

The equivalent of making a bowl out of an apple today. A few concepts, but no time to develop them into fully entertaining stories. Yet, I feel compelled to indulge nonetheless.

Something very exciting happened today. I was stuck in traffic up by work, and I figured it was either election-day traffic or there were terroristic events going on. I called The Mrs., and she checked the TV. No terroristic activity. We decided on an alternate route that I had never tried before since both my primary routes were at a virtual standstill. This route worked nicely, though it goes through a somewhat seedier part of town than either of my other routes.

Well, I had just turned left at The Pink Poodle, and a guy in a Ford Explorer pulls up next to me (at 45mph) and makes the universal "roll down your window" gesture. I roll down the window, and he yells over, "That thing sounds really good. Is it an 8 or a 6?" I answer that it is an 8, and he goes, "Oooohhh yeaaahh!" and then he drives off.

Flowmaster 50. Best birthday present ever.

There have been a lot of rumors flying about here and there regarding changes in my future, and the next two stories are in regards to that.

BrainkyP has apparently taken upon himself to try to be the funny one. See, if the rumors are true, then the lab here will eventually be missing the funny guy.

That'd be me, in case anyone from work is reading this.

Back to BrainkyP. There we were, right at the start of an important meeting when BrainkyP stands up and says, "Our number one priority is to supply the pipe."

Yeah. Tell that to my wife.

Unfortunately for BrainkyP, his delivery was a little too deadpan for the audience, and I was the only one that cracked up. BrainkyP is the Gilbert Gottfried of comedy. Meaning, he's hysterical to other funny people, but not so much to the general audience.

Finally, it being 6/6/06 and all, today was the day that StinkyJ decided he was going to oppose God's will. Historically, all prophecies have been opposed by those in power. History will judge who is the heretic.


Wife said...

Be sure to click on "sound clip" on the Flowmaster site.


Deliver the pipe - that is a riot! kjkyuhid

bp said...

Brian is the Joan Rivers of the debug lab - alwasy commenting on the most recent fashion trends within the lab.