Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sell Sell Sell


For the second week in a row, I am not attending Fat Camp. Last week, that by itself was enough to kill it. TommyO called me; I was out cuz I had to prep the house for sale. Fat camp ended there. No further contact amongst the players. Today, AndyP called me, and I am out cuz I have to prep the house for sale. I wonder if anyone will contact anyone else.

The interior painting is finally all done. I'll post some pictures of the kitchen soon. Don't have the camera with me at the moment. With the cabinets white, I feel like I need to put on sunglasses to walk in there. Sheesh.

I'm caught in the "most likely selling price" analysis portion of the relocation process now. Two independent realtors have to give a pricing analysis, and then this relo company looks at them and sets the price range. At the rate things are mooving, it'll be two weeks before we're listed. I think if we were doing it on our own, we'd have been listed tomorrow.

Chatted with the Fort Collins realtor today. She is very excited to earn a commission. She tells me nothing is moving in the price range we are looking. Completely a buyer's market. This is good, cuz then I can lowball. I hear stuff is going for $50k below ask, though not from the realtor.

The JohnnyB has up his second post. Wow. It's even better than the first. And he allows anonymous comments now, too.

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