Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sunday Night Song Reference

Since I moved to this house in November of 2002, I never unpacked my CDs. One of my Motorhead CDs has this song on it. Something made me think about it tonight. I don't know why.

Only $20 on home improvement today (had a lot of my quality work time consumed by church and a birthday party). Got half a cu-yd of shredded redwood bark (AKA gorilla hair). Push a fresh layer down on the "pot garden" and covered up all the bare spots. I also finished hooking up the drip irrigation to the latest plants in the back. Backyard renovations were declared "done", quite a milestone.

Here's a shot of the Bistro spot, all cleaned up and ready for anything.

Here is the vegetable garden. Note how the new fir mulch complements to color of the redwood planters. You can also see how the veggies are doing pretty well inside the planters. We've already harvested some lettuce. The radishes are up in force, and the carrots are doing well. The onions and beets lag a bit.

BrainkyP was over last week returning the truck, and he noted that the planters, "look like little coffins, that's how good they look." Quite a master of the compliment, that guy.

You can see the "before the mulch" of both shots here.

All this yard cleanup has taken quite a toll on our compost. I can only make about 1 cu yd at a time, and it's full-up. We've resorted to throwing out compostables in the clean green bin, which is also full to the brim right now. A few days in the hot sun, and a little room will open up.

Couple funny stories, then I have to go put some things in boxes to make it seem like my closets are roomier. I don't know why I need roomier closets, but there it is.

This week is apparently gay pride week. Now, I don't know how normal people find out about such an event, but the way I know is because it was announced at church. Not just announced, but celebrated. Walked into church today, and the altar had a big rainbow banner draped over it. Oye. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Then, to top it off, today we prayed for terrorists. Not like that they would see the evil in their ways and realize that God didn't want them blowing up children just because they were Jewish, or that a religion based on nothing but death and destruction was likely to end badly. No. We prayed that those terrorists housed in Guantanamo Bay would find hope of release rather than despair, and that they would get to experience true justice rather than committing suicide.

Now wait just a minute. You're telling me that you can stand up there and announce the upcoming women-build habitat for humanity project, a project that excludes men, "Not to exclude men, but to include women," and then a half hour later lead a prayer for the Taliban? The Taliban? The nastiest bunch of misogynists the world has seen in power in a long time? The same people who would stone you to death for picking up a hammer and trying to build a house? Michael Savage hit the nail on the head when he said liberalism was a mental disorder.

I had another observation today. More of an epiphany, really. The choir was in the middle of singing a hymn in Swahili, and I realized that modern liberals have a bizarre attraction to tribalism. I don't know why that is. My guess is that modern liberalism eschews any kind of individualism. You see this in their love of unions, public schools, public transportation. communism, high taxes, and naked protests. I blame Sesame Street.

Yes, when I was a child, I remember distinctly that the underlying theme of virtually every episode was that everything was always better with cooperation. No matter what, you should cooperate. I also remember my dad coming through one day, looking at it, and going (I'm paraphrasing here, as this happened over 30 years ago), "Bah! Nothing ever gets done through cooperation. You need to learn to do things for yourself."

Thank you, PoppaC. But for that, I'd probably be an angry, sloganeering collectivist like damn near all my peers.

On the way home from church, MaxieC wanted is window open. It was a nice day, and only about 74 degrees, so I opened it for him. He was very happy. Seeing MaxieC happy infuriated HannieC.

It was that kind of weekend.

She started demanding that I close MaxieC's window immediately. Here was her argument, quoted verbatim. Try to imagine a petulant little girl as you read it.
I am too cold! You close Max's window right now! It's too cold in here! I am freezing! Close his window and turn on the air conditioner RIGHT NOW!
Whuh? Turn on the air conditioner? Being a certified super-genius only goes so far, it seems.

She gets this from her mother, who is always unhappy with whatever temperature I have the vehicle. She can't even be happy with dual-zone climate controls (which we've had on a few rentals on trips) because my temperature bleeds over to her side. Now, I'm getting it from the back seat, too.

I turned to The Mrs., shook my head a little, and said,
She's all woman, that one.



All that work on the beautiful yard and then you mooove. Alas, tis so! Glad to know that HannicC is a normal sibling. She will do her best to make MaxieC's life miserable. After all, isn't that what big sisters are for? Glad Dennise was not normal in that respect. ypzerk

JohnnyB said...

Yard looks great.

Bistro spot? Isn't that a little.......... French?