Friday, January 05, 2007


I still seem to be rather content. Not so much happy as I was a couple days ago, but decidedly content. It's very strange. I'm sure something tragic will happen soon that will throw me back into a cranky mood. Today, the garage roof started leaking due to the ice damn that formed at the edge, but even that didn't make me cranky. Oh, plus the hot water heater is still leaking despite $500 in fixes to it last week. And still, nothing.

It's all very very wrong.

I blame MaxieC. He's been sleeping in later most days now. By later, I mean at least 7am, sometimes even 7:30, compared to his old 6-6:30 wake-up call. It seems to make a big difference.

My parents will be visiting in about three weeks. Last time we had a visitor, it was quite something. Maybe that will provide motivation.

I've been talking it over with various folks at work, including The JohnnyB via IM, and I've decided to go with the snow blower attachment for the front of the tractor. This has many advantages. First and foremost, it is way more badass than some stupid walk-behind snow blower. And we all know how when married men with children start to get up around 40, they begin to worry about how badass their lawn accessories are. Plus, it's around $500 cheaper, even after considering that you need to get some wheel weights and chains. Which is really advantage #3 - you get to accessorize the tractor. A blower, wheel weights, chains, and maybe in a couple years one of those snow cabs. I can add that to my collection of 1 accessory - the broadcast spreader. Advantage #4 is that you don't have to try to keep a second little engine running so that you can use it twice a year. I have to keep the tractor running most of the year anyways, so this is very little overhead.

Oh, and did I mention how badass it was to have a 42" snow blower mounted to the front of the lawn tractor? The lawn tractor that I love more than life itself. Not some pansy little snow. A 42" blower.

Oh yeah.


manly lesbian said...

Wouldn't you be better off with a snow blade- like a plow?

wife said...

For the umteenth time, he can't put one on his not-so manly truck.

Maybe that'll get CherkyB's goat so we can get some decent material.

manly lesbian said...

They have them for the lawnmower!

wife said...

Oh - the blades are useless on more than a few inches, as we've observed in our neighborhood. People were out shoveling off the top layers so they could lawn-plow the remaining few inches.

JohnnyB said...

Urh, Urh - 42" snowblower attachment.

Also makes me want to move there, so I can get the tractor, and the accessories. And maybe get rid of the Crud-olla.

Rhonda said...

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