Monday, January 15, 2007

The Day of the Snowblower

Sort of.

My good buddy, John, from the lawn equipment store, and I had many a phone conversation today as we tried to spec out exactly what it is I wanted from a snowblower attachment for the tractor. In the end, we seem to have gotten all the info back and forth that needed to be passed, and I placed the order.

Couple interesting things I learned. First, this is most decidedly not going to be cheaper than buying a standalone snowblower. This is because they nickel-and-dime the living hell out of you for the accessories. Like it's over $200 for the counterweights you need to keep the back wheels on the ground when you hang 300 lbs off the front of the tractor. And it's $90 for tire chains. And $60 for drift cutters. And $70 to be able to set the chute deflection angle from your seat. And close to $300 in freight charges.

Not a good deal at all. But still badass.

He said it'd be "about 5 days" for it to come in. I asked from where it was being shipped, and he told me [gasp], "Canada."

I should have figured that, given the optional French that came up on the main web page. But, hey, if there's one thing those contemptible Canadians know, it's snow. Snow and lumberjacking.

So I'll probably be getting this just in time for our warming spell when it gets back up into the high 40's and never snows again this season.



Nava said...

Canadian snowblower, Eh?

You'd better hope they don't read your blog up there in Canada, or they'll send you an equivalent of our monitor.

JohnnyB said...

By "Bastards", I'm assuming you meant your idiot friends in Ft Tom Collins who told you not to worry about the snow, you could deal handle it with a Q-tip.

Not our fine friends north of the border, good looking, hard working, smart, and prone to use Benoit as a first name.


Anonymous said...

You prolly could have bought one from Barfalo?

CherkyB said...

They don't make snowblowers in Barfalo. They don't make much of anything at all anymore in Barfalo, do they?

Anonymous said...

Maybe they dont make them, however they do sell them.