Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Substance

It calls to me.

We were out at MickeyD's for lunch today, as that's mainly how we bribe The Childrens to let us go grocery shopping. I took a big swig of my Diet Coke, and I let out a little contented sigh. The Mrs., naturally, commented on that. After some chit-chat, I noted, "The first Diet Coke of the day is a lot more pleasurable than the first beer. I wonder when that happened."

Today, I bought another of those thing that all my coworkers assured me I didn't need - an ice scraper. I spent much of the afternoon chipping ice off my driveway, as it had snowed on Friday and no one had shoveled yet, and we had driven back and forth over the snow enough to turn it to ice. The whole time I was chipping, I kept thinking of the National Geographic special on Neanderthal Man that HannieC was watching a couple days ago. I learned that Neanderthal Man had one arm much more developed than the other. This is because, apparently, Neanderthal Man hunted by thrusting a spear into the game, and always used the same grip on the spear which required different strength in each arm. Neanderthal Man never developed the ability to throw a spear, and this contributed to the demise of the Neanderthal.

I tried tossing my ice scraper a couple times just to check. Yup. I can chuck it.


manly lesbian said...

Get a huge bag of rock salt - or a ton of plain salt- it breaks it up a little so it is easier to chip. A garden hoe works quite well (or a ho if you prefer).

ellie said...

i never tried rock salt. it is good to see you back blogging. were you delayed in the airport due to the storm?