Friday, January 19, 2007

Today, I was Angry

It was a welcome change, giving that I have felt nothing for days.

"Why was CherkyB angry?" you may ask, "You know, aside from the obvious." Well, it's hard to exactly put your finger on. It's an odd combination of things, but I think mostly I've started to care again. Life is so much easier when you don't care.

Hey, here's a picture of Carl. Note how he is obscuring the view of my precious air hockey table. That makes me angry.

I think I started to get sick today. At about 11am, I started to get all shivery. Many of my co-workers have been out sick during part of this week (Cavitation and The Hamburgler being the two familiar to regular readers of this blog), so I had been expecting to get sick for the weekend. Though, I might add, I am not expecting to sit around all weekend whining for my wife to make me tea.

I seem to have mostly recovered after lunch, which I ate with my loving fambly at Sonic. But by about 4:15, I had had it, and I went home. Just as I pulled into the driveway, The Mrs. called me. She was at office Max and wanted to know if I wanted her to buy TurboTax. I generally use TaxCut, not TurboTax because of that one year they put the nasty copy protection thing in TurboTax that made your compooter never work again, but I didn't know which model I needed, so The Mrs. didn't buy me anything.

Well, then there I was, sitting in my truck in the driveway at about 4:30 with no one else home. What was I to do? I knew that if I went inside and took a nap, there would be hell to pay later. Likewise if I went inside and watched TV. The only viable non-hell-paying option was to leave and hope to not get home before The Mrs. So I did what any normal, red-blooded American man would do when faced with such a situation.

Don't worry. I tell you what it is. I know I don't have any normal, red-blooded American men in my readership.

I went to the liquor store.

I had made a shopping list a couple days ago. See, my parents are coming to visit soon, which means I need a very well-stocked bar. Not because anyone is going to need to drink a whole lot, but just for appearances sake. Well-stocked bars run in the family.

I filled up a shopping cart (mainly because you get a 20% discount on wine if you buy 12 bottles), and as per usual, the clerk asked me, "Are you having a party? And can I come?"

So I lied, "No. I had a party, and they drank me out of my stock. You know, the end of the Christmas season means you need to restock."

Then I went home, and as I was unloading, the fambly got home. Almost perfect timing.

The bar was a disaster, as when I am at work, the fambly uses it as a craft room, despite having at least two other craft room already allocated. I had nowhere to even set down the bottles on the counter. So I grumped about that for a while. Eventually, I got everything put away, and then I cracked open my brand new bottle of Yukon Jack and a bottle of Black Butte Porter (which you can see in the mirror), and I settled in.

Everything went swimmingly thereafter.


manly lesbian said...

I do turbo tax on line but I don't buy the CD ahead of time - what is the difference?

Nava said...

"...the nasty copy protection thing in TurboTax that made your compooter never work again..."

And there I was, thinking that only dusting puts the immortality of a computer to the test. Or at least the monitor's.